Thursday, January 18, 2007


The path leads to life. The way is the way of life. It comes down to being alive. How shall we live, is the question. What shall we do to bring life to life? How shall we live together in ways that enhance life among us all? What do we need from each other in order to truly live? What stands between us and life? These questions, and the ones they raise, are worthy of reflection, rumination, exploration.

Poking around in them, turning them over, smelling the interesting odors rising when they are stirred, stirs something within us. Wakes us up. Opens our eyes. Reorients us and sends us off in a new direction. Asking the questions engages us in The Quest. And, we are off, before we know it, seeking life.

It helps to know that it is life we seek. That it is living we are after. That we are looking for avenues into being alive. The adventure is life. LIFE. We are seeking to live before we die. What will it take? Eyes to see, don’t ‘cha know, ears to hear, a heart that understands. Loaded up with those babies, you can’t help but be alive.

Where do we get them? Do I have to do all your work for you? We get them by waking up, paying attention, being aware. Waking up to what? Paying attention to what? Being aware of what? Really. What do you people do with your time? What do you spend your days thinking about? Soap Operas and Sales?

Start with your body’s reaction to the events and circumstances of your days. What does your body feel in response to the choices and decisions you have to make? Start there. Get to know your body from the inside out. And your initial, intuitive, tendency toward one thing and away from another. Wake up, pay attention to, be aware of your body and your intuition. We spend our lives looking for guides, ignoring the guidance from within. Thinking somebody out there knows more than we do about living our lives. We seek the gurus and walk past the One Who Knows. What am I going to do with you?

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