Saturday, October 07, 2006

10/07/06, Clowns

Yesterday, I bought a pair of red Crocks. Not because they are Crocks, but because they are red. Then I created a business card, with the typical Presbyterian Church of the Covenant stuff on one side, and this on the other side: "We are all being treated as clowns in a circus run by a ring master with a flare for the absurd. Everyone of us should wear red clown shoes, or a red clown nose, or an orange Bozo the Clown wig as a way of acknowledging and protesting the way things are, for as long as they are this way." I'll hand the business card to anyone who comments on the red shoes. I'll wear the red shoes everyday, for as long as the ringmaster of the absurd runs the show. And, yes, I'm talking about George W. Bush. I invite you to join me in the acknowledgement and the protest.

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