Thursday, December 08, 2005


If we were starting over, we wouldn’t do anything like it has been done. God, for instance. We wouldn’t do God the way God has been done. The biggest difference in the God we would come up with over the God that has been handed to us is that we wouldn’t see God as the source of all that is. Hurricanes, for instance, are not God’s will. AIDS, for another instance, is not God’s will. God does not spend the days making weal and creating woe. What, exactly, DOES God do?

To get a sense of that, we have to drift over to Lao Tsu and the Tao Te Ching. What does the Tao do? Nothing. Everything. There you are. Some things cannot be improved. The new is the old. Turning, turning, round, and round, what’s the T.S. Elliot line about the still point? We wind our way back to where we started and understand it for the first time. Scrap the Doctrine of God and embrace the Tao. That’s my best advice.

Understanding slices easily through the Gordian Knot of explanations and doctrines and dogmas and proclamations and pronouncements and decrees and apologetics (They damn sure should apologize!) which turn back on, and into, each other in a wild tangle of mad house logic. To understand is to laugh deeply, and to know that when you get it, you can’t give it away.

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